The Algarve Drought: How To Save Our Precious Water


The Algarve region is currently grappling with an unprecedented water crisis. Follow our practical water-saving tips and find out how Vilamoura is working to tackle the problem.


The worsening drought

 Water is indispensable for life, but as our planet grapples with the consequences of climate change, the frequency and severity of droughts are on the rise, posing significant threats to water security, agriculture, and biodiversity.

Our very own Algarve is one of these unfortunate areas, currently facing the most severe drought on record. In view of climate change, this challenge is unlikely to be a temporary setback but a long-term issue, demanding urgent attention and collaborative solutions from every one of us living in the community.


Approaching a State of Calamity

The crisis is so severe, that the Portuguese government has admitted it may need to declare a State of Calamity in the Algarve if the region’s drought situation does not improve by June. This would grant the government the authority to impose limits on our non-essential water usage, along with rationing measures in public water supply services.

So what can we do? It is essential that we all work together at Vilamoura to save water in order to meet these targets and, where possible, exceed them, at the risk of reaching a point where we have no water left. Read on for 10 essential tips:


The Vilamoura Approach: Our Pledge to Water Conservation

At Vilamoura, we are also doing our part to tackle the worsening drought. Vilamoura and its Marina are committed to responsible water management, with a focus on innovation, education, community collaboration, and sustainable architecture.

The Marina is certified under ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 since 2002 and 2004, respectively, exemplifying a commitment to high standards of environmental quality, and all real estate projects are certified with A+ rated energy certification (EC), A-rated AQUA + water efficiency certification and A-rated LIDER. This means there is a rating that determines and communicates the water performance of buildings on a scale from F (least efficient) to A+ (most efficient).

Our focus on sustainability does not stop there. Here are more ways we are approaching the drought:


Monitoring Water Quality and Waste Management

Monthly water quality monitoring, waste separation, and specialised handling of hazardous waste demonstrate the Marina’s commitment to responsible environmental practices.

Rational Consumption of Resources

Sustainability is at the core of remodelling projects, focusing on minimising water and electricity consumption without compromising user comfort.

Training and Qualifications

Investments in staff training ensure that employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge and qualifications. Specialised training in emergency response underscores the Marina’s commitment to safety.

Environmental Awareness-Raising Activities

Engaging local school children in themed environmental activities fosters awareness and instils a sense of responsibility for environmental conservation from a young age.

Contributions from Everyone

Encouraging waste separation, utilising the pump-out system, strict adherence to boat washing practices, and spill response measures showcase a commitment to responsible marina activities.

Responding to the Water Crisis

Actively implementing additional water-saving measures within our properties. Residents and clients are urged to participate in fostering a community-wide commitment to water conservation.

Innovative Water-Saving Technologies

Investing in innovative technologies to revolutionise water consumption. These technologies, ranging from smart irrigation systems to advanced plumbing fixtures, showcase a commitment to staying at the forefront of sustainable living.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Intelligent irrigation systems utilise real-time data and weather forecasts to optimise watering schedules. By efficiently delivering the right amount of water at the right time, these systems minimise water wastage in landscaping, contributing to a greener environment.

Water-Recycling Initiatives

Exploring water-recycling initiatives for residential and commercial properties is a key focus. Graywater recycling systems, which repurpose water from sinks and showers for non-potable uses like irrigation, further reduce water demand.

Drought-Resistant Landscaping

Promoting the use of native, drought-resistant plants in landscaping not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reduces the need for excessive watering. This sustainable landscaping approach aligns with global efforts to conserve water in urban developments.

Collaborative Water Conservation Initiatives

Recognizing that tackling the water crisis requires a collaborative approach, we are actively engaging with local authorities, environmental organisations, and other stakeholders to drive impactful change.

Advocacy for Sustainable Policies:

Actively advocating for sustainable water management policies at the local and regional levels is integral to creating an environment conducive to conservation. We aim to be a voice for change, participating in dialogues and forums that influence policy decisions.

The Role of Sustainable Architecture

Embracing sustainable architecture principles to design properties that inherently promote water efficiency. From rainwater harvesting systems to eco-friendly building materials, these architectural innovations contribute to a reduced ecological footprint.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Implementing rainwater harvesting systems in residential and commercial developments captures and stores rainwater for later use. This sustainable practice not only reduces reliance on traditional water sources but also provides an additional water supply during dry periods.

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Choosing eco-friendly building materials that require less water in their production processes is a conscious decision. Additionally, these materials contribute to energy efficiency, aligning with Vilamoura’s commitment to holistic sustainability.

As we all navigate the challenges posed by the water crisis, Vilamoura’s commitment remains steadfast, serving as a beacon of inspiration for sustainable living in Vilamoura and beyond. I invite everyone to join me on this transformative journey towards a water-secure and environmentally conscious future.

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